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Fitness Pogo Princesses!

Take control of a slightly overweight (but fabulous and beautiful) Princess, as you battle for the one and only fitness device known to the people of the kingdom: The Pogo Stick!

Jump the Pogo Stick and watch your body transform, as your burn fat faster than the Shake Weight could ever do!

Stay on the Pogo Stick till your fitness bar is full, and knock other fat princesses of it, and claim victory for yourself!

Game developed for Create Jam Fall 2016.Inspired by the Game Jame Theme: "Claustrophobic Pogo Princess".

Arty Farty Team
Christian Wortmann, Henrik Schmücker, Jakob Hammer.
Coding Team
Andreas Meyer, Nikolaj Hansen, Dennis Andersen, Iaroslav Golovanov, Bastian Hougaard

Install instructions

Xbox Controllers required.


FPPGameJamBuild.zip 28 MB

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